Founded by our Senior Watchmaking Instructor, Mr Vincent Goh, The Watchmaker Academy caters to collectors, enthusiasts and members of the watchmaking/repair industry in Singapore, with various levels of education.

Something for Everyone.

Traditional watchmaking schools have common barriers to entry: the requirement of long, dedicated periods of time, the inaccessibility to "non-industry" enthusiasts, and hefty course fees. The Watch Academy by Watch Wonderland promises to do away with all that, and distill essential knowledge about watchmaking and repair into digestible modules relevant for anyone interested in watches.

Senior Watchmaking Instructor,

Mr Vincent Goh

The Mind and Soul behind The Watch Academy

Mr Vincent Goh began his journey when he was just a high school student. Having broken one of his father’s watches as a kid and vowing to repair it one day, Vincent worked on many of his friends’ and relatives’ watches, fixing them through trial-and-error. In the 90’s he found his first mentor and restored about 500 vintage watches while in the United States. Being posted to China for 11 years saw him having more opportunities to learn from highly experienced watchmakers and veterans, giving him an advanced knowledge of watch repair that no book has ever documented. Since 2015, Vincent has returned to Singapore and is generously keen to impart his knowledge and wisdom to the next generations. After all, with more than 100 past students and more than 1000 restored vintage watches under his belt, it is hard-pressed to find someone with greater passion in watchmaking and imparting knowledge than Vincent.

Accessible. Comprehensive.  

While both terms seem contradictory to each other, we believe a well-rounded syllabus does not have to be tedious. Our classes are structured in a concise fashion; even a complete novice with no knowledge of watchmaking will leave her/his first class having an in-depth understanding of mechanical watches.

The Watch Academy's curriculum is divided into 3 tiers of certification. 

The first in-take for Level 1 will take place on 25th November 2017

Participants will be given a watch each which they will then take apart. As a Level 1 student, you will get to bring this watch home as a souvenir and wearable testimony of your newly acquired skills.

In Level 1 , you will learn:

1) Using a Timegrapher to determine the watch’s performance, understanding the concepts of rate, amplitude, beat error and measurement parameters (beats per hour, lift angle, etc.)

2) Demagnetizing the watch and your tools

3) Opening up the watch

4) Releasing the mainspring tension

5) Dismantling the hands, dial and movement progressively

6) Understanding how a watch works and troubleshooting issues

7) Why each watch part is there and the function it serves

8) Cleaning, pegging and inspection of individual components before assembly

9) Inspecting and oiling of components during assembly

10) Setting the dial and hands

11) Regulating the watch using the Timegrapher

12) Q&A and Class Summary

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Course Date: Saturday, 25th November 2017, 10am to 6pm (Lunch break at 12pm)
Course Capacity: Limited to 4 participants
Course fees: SGD$335 (incl. GST)
Venue: Watch Wonderland at Suntec City
To reserve a space: e-mail

Full course fees will be required to be submitted at least 2 weeks before the course for eligibility of entry. Spaces are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.