What resonates with you?

At Watch Wonderland, we place a strong focus on our selection of watches. "Curation" is a word often thrown around, with no concrete process to back it up. Our selection process is one that covers everything from aesthetics, to mechanical testing.

Mechanical Integrity

The heart which drives the watch takes prime position in our criteria. Only movements with  proven track records of reliability are used in the watches we select, and must suit the form and purpose of the overall watch design. 


Form plays a critical role in our selection. Looks, after all, form the strongest first impression. But beyond a pretty face, we look for thoughtfulness in design, in all aspects of the timepiece, be it in the way the indices are applied, to the finishing of the case.

Material Distinction

Substance serves a dual purpose, that of ensuring the watch is made to last for a long time, and also to bring forth the design intent. A well-designed piece is further made attractive by the use of the right materials.


We only work with brands with a track record of reliability, and have a runway ahead of them, be it in terms of expansion, or future design innovation. This ensures these brands are here to stay. We also select designs with an enduring look, something that will stand the test of trends.

Genuine Brand Story

A watch derives its soul from the people behind them: How it is conceptualised, designed and built. What it is inspired by. The brands we work with are all driven by a desire to create something better, which doesn’t exist, or is under-represented, in the horological world today.

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Situated in the heart of Singapore's commercial, exposition and shopping district, Suntec City is accessible via multiple forms of transport. Watch Wonderland is located in the North Wing of the mall, next to the Nike boutique and right behind the Lamborghini showroom.

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