By Watch Wonderland

The Academy by Watch Wonderland is established to elevate the knowledge level of watch collectors and enthusiasts in Singapore, in related fields such as watch repair and strap-making leather craft. Our instructors are all veterans and doyens of their craft, and have been specifically appointed due to their standing and reputation.

We currently offer two levels of watch-making classes, and one level of strap-making leather craft. The future will see The Academy adding more relevant courses to our offerings, as well as occasional guest speakers in various fields.

Mr Vincent Goh

Senior Watchmaking Instructor

Mr Vincent Goh began his journey when he was just a high school student. Having broken one of his father’s watches as a kid and vowing to repair it one day, Vincent worked on many of his friends’ and relatives’ watches, fixing them through trial-and-error. In the 90’s he found his first mentor and restored about 500 vintage watches while in the United States. Being posted to China for 11 years saw him having more opportunities to learn from highly experienced watchmakers and veterans, giving him an advanced knowledge of watch repair that no book has ever documented. Since 2015, Vincent has returned to Singapore and is generously keen to impart his knowledge and wisdom to the next generations. After all, with more than 100 past students and more than 1000 restored vintage watches under his belt, it is hard-pressed to find someone with greater passion in watchmaking and imparting knowledge than Vincent.

Mr Jeremiah Ang

Senior Leather Craft Instructor

Jeremiah established J.Myers Co six years ago, and has since grew from an one-man show, to creating numerous products in collaboration with brands such as Bentley, Vertu, Red Army Watches and Bang & Olufsen.

He believes in the honesty of the craft, the integrity of well-thought out designs, and that when one puts the effort into crafting a piece from start to finish, the final product will always feel better.

As a self-taught artisan, Jeremiah approaches leather-craft from a non-conventional perspective, while respecting tradition techniques. Today, Jeremiah leads a team of passionate artisans and designers dedicated to creating quality leather products, with the sole objective to bring about a deeper appreciation of craftsmanship. One stitch at a time.

Watch-making Level 1

Learning to take apart and re-assembling a watch within a day - think it is impossible? Think again. Level 1 of our watch-making course will see you working on a mechanical watch, which is also yours to keep subsequent to the course. It will serve as a conversational piece that you literally know inside out!


1) Using a Timegrapher to determine the watch’s performance, understanding the concepts of rate, amplitude, beat xq and measurement parameters (beats per hour, lift angle, etc.)

2) Demagnetising the watch and your tools

3) Opening up the watch

4) Releasing the mainspring tension

5) Dismantling the hands, dial and movement progressively

6) Understanding how a watch works and troubleshooting issues

7) Why each watch part is there and the function it serves

8) Cleaning, pegging and inspection of individual components before assembly

9) Inspecting and oiling of components during assembly

10) Setting the dial and hands

11) Regulating the watch using the Timegrapher

12) Q&A and Class Summary

Watch-making Level 2

Ready for the next stage? Learn to troubleshoot movements at a higher level and keep your watch in a top-notch condition in the long run. At the end of the course, you would also be given the movement you have been ‘operating’ on—the venerable Swiss-Made ETA 2824, to begin your own watch project or to replace an existing one. If you would prefer to bring your own personal watch to service during this course, that is more than welcome.


1) Demagnetising the watch and your tools

2) Opening up the watch and releasing the mainspring tension

3) How an automatic watch functions and its individual components

4) Understanding the various self-winding movement designs

5) Dismantling the hands, dial and movement progressively

6) Ultrasonic cleaning of movement parts with ELMA Solvent, Benzene and dryer

7) Cleaning, removing rust, polishing, pegging and inspection of individual components before assembly, under a microscope if required

8) Dismantling and cleaning of mainspring, installation using a winding machine 

9) Cleaning and oiling of Incabloc balance jewels/rubies

10) Checking and tweaking of hairspring 

11) Oiling of individual components during assembly

12) Timing and regulating the watch with a Timegrapher

13) Polishing of watch case, bracelet and crystal 14. Re-luming of hands and dial

14) Replacing a broken balance staff using staking tools (Optional syllabus)

15) Q&A

Strap-making Level 1

No watch is ever complete without a strap, especially one that further tells your audience about your personality. Take this one step further by building you own strap with Watch Wonderland’s Leather Academy.

In Level 1, you will learn the basics of leather crafting, from in-depth knowledge of the leather types to actually crafting your very own leather NATO strap for a watch in your collection. After attending this course, you will be able to distinguish between the various qualities of leather straps in the market, as well as possess an appreciation for leather in the finest ways possible.

Syllabus (Level 1) NATO/ZULU Straps:

1) Understanding and Identifying Leather (Difference between Vegetable and Chrome Tanned Leathers)

2) Identifying Leather from different animals

3) Applications of different knives used in leather crafting

4) Explain action and identification of different tools used in leather crafting

5) Measurement of watch straps

6) How and where to cut leather

7) Pattern making for NATO/ZULU Straps

8) Cutting your own straps

9) Stitching in hardware

10) Hole punching

11) Fitting in of straps


Our classes are priced to be affordable to just about everyone interested in them, Our central location (Suntec City) ensures travelling is never an issue, and classes are almost always scheduled during weekends.

We also believe in setting up a fun and conducive environment for all our sessions.

Something for Everyone.

Traditional watchmaking and leather craft schools have common barriers to entry: the requirement of long, dedicated periods of time, the inaccessibility to "non-industry" enthusiasts, and hefty course fees. The Academy by Watch Wonderland promises to do away with all that, distilling essential knowledge about these crafts  into digestible modules relevant for anyone interested in watches.


It may seem contradictory to be accessible while comprehensive, but we believe a well-rounded syllabus does not have to be tedious. Our classes are structured in a concise fashion; even a complete novice with no knowledge of watchmaking will leave her/his first class having an in-depth understanding of the subject matter.

You might be wondering..

Who can attend our courses? Do I require any qualifications?
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Can I obtain a refund for a course I have signed up for?