A future icon was born.

Gruppo Gamma and Watch Wonderland teams up for another variant of the best-selling Peacekeeper. First introduced in 2018, the Peacekeeper variant was a runaway success, with the first two variants, Tobacco Brown and Trench Green, being sold out quickly. These two models remain highly sought after in the secondary market today. 

The Peacekeeper Story.

The Peacekeeper was created as a symbol of our collective hope for enduring peace in the world today. In a time fraught with tension, misunderstanding, and division, we have a greater need for shared purpose and interest. At the risk of seemingly diminishing the state of affairs, we find that watches have served to be a great unifier across cultures. You can be an Australian, travelling through Turkey, and a fellow watch lover gives you a friendly nod towards your watch, showing his appreciation for your taste in watches without sharing a single word. You can be online, hidden behind a pseudonym, and trading watch tips with kindred spirits all across the globe. This small act of our hobby unites us, and in so, we do our bit for the collective understanding of each other.

We need to focus on what unites us, and keep the Peace.

Now in Bronze.

The same warm CuSn8 bronze used in Gruppo Gamma watches is used here, in tandem with an Olive fumé dial. The standard-issue Arabic-Indic numerals in a semi-cali configuration is used here, as with the previous two Peacekeepers.

"Iniquissimam pacem justissimo bello antefero"

(I prefer the most unfair peace, to the most righteous war)

- Cicero

Available now.

The Peacekeeper "The Brazen Serpent" is now available for purchase at the link below.

Singapore-based customers will be charged an additional 7% GST upon check-out..

Price includes free international insured shipping.