The Thinking Collector's Strapmaker.

Leather watch straps, and the making of these, have largely been treated as an afterthought to watch collectors today. A watch alone occupies just 30% of our entire wrist, at most. A synergistic strap, made with careful consideration towards the watch, determines how a timepiece is framed and presented on our wrist.

At Watch Wonderland, we encourage the collector to place more thought towards his or her strap of choice. 


We truly believe that a good pair of straps elevate the entire look of a watch. Given the right pairing, a watch can be made more vibrant, classy or even visually right-sized to the wrist.

A match made in Wonderland.

Our leather expertise is built by J.Myers Co. Started in 2010, J.Myers Co has come to work with many global brands today, including Bentley, Vertu, Aston Martin and Bang & Olufsen. Our Head Craftsman, Khairul, is the driving force behind our leather artistry. A man of many talents, versed in multiple materials, Khairul ensures every stitch and cut is flawless.

The Leather we use.

We source our leather with watches specifically in mind. Not all leathers are suitable for strap-making, and some of them have textures which are lost on the relatively small surface area of a watch strap.

The leather that we have chosen are also carefully selected from renowned tanneries from around the world. At Watch Wonderland, we have one of the largest selections of leather anywhere for your ideal pair of straps. If you can visualise it, we can achieve it.


Prized for its ability to give structure towards watch straps, Caiman leather is the ideal choice to enhance the look of more angular-styled watches.

Goes well with modern steel pieces with integrated lugs.


Most suited for vintage or vintage-styled watches, Lizard leather lends a distinctive feel reminiscent of years gone by. This is the leather of choice for decades, particularly in the 1930s, in the making of watch straps. Looks perfect on cases featuring horn or ship-wheel lugs.


Yes, Salmon! This is an often-ignored, interesting leather which is seldom used in larger format work, but is perfect for watches. Extremely durable despite initial impression, Salmon leather offers plenty of texture to a strap, while remaining relatively minimalistic. Best paired with enamel or porcelain dials. 

Tumbled Calfskin ⇡

High-quality Calf leather which has been abraded gently, in order to accentuate the natural grain of the leather. Perfect pairing with ultra-modern or more masculine watch silhouettes. Also great with exotic dials.

Python ⇡

Not the leather of choice for everyone. This is a leather where you have to be able to pull it off! Pretty much suitable for every watch possible, as long as you can carry it.

Lambskin ⇡

A finely-textured hide which is extremely comfortable on the skin, we often utilise this as our leather of choice in strap backings. However, it also looks great on the top side. 

"Impossible" Leaf Leather ⇡

This is not a hoax: we make watch straps out of leaves! As the first strapmaker in the world using naturally-tanned, sustainable Elephant Leaf leather, we are excited about offering this to the watch crowd. Elephant Leaf Leather is durable, with the leaf veins and natural patterns offering a distinct look from everything else.

Horween ⇡

A mainstray of rugged boot-makers and EDC carry, Horween Chromexcel is the original pull-up leather. After a process which takes 89 processes over 28 days, Horween leather takes on its supple and timeless character. It patinas quickly and is specially suited for military-style or sports watches.

Vegetable-tanned Italian Calfskin ⇡

Tanned using all-natural plant-based extracts, our Italian Calfskin patinas gradually over time, forming a hue and look unique to yourself. Made of Top Grain hide, straps made using these are meant to last for years, aging beautifully with successive wear.


Just a tiny fraction of the straps we have created over time. These featured straps are the ones we are really proud of, having made in collaboration with the watch-owners; a product of our unified ideas and vision.

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