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The Watch Concierge by Watch Wonderland

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The Watch Concierge by Watch Wonderland


Ever wished your microbrand watch offered a strap of a different design, colour or sizing? At Watch Wonderland, we offer just that: a fully customisable service for hand-made leather straps, fully created on-site in our boutique.

Khairul, our Head Craftsman, handles the design and execution of all hand-made leather straps at Watch Wonderland. He is an artist, thinker, and watch lover, and relishes the challenge posed by each strap commission. 

Leather-crafting is an old art, and all of the leather work here is done by hand at Watch Wonderland. However, Khairul taps on modern technology to elevate his quality of work.

Using 3D printing, Khairul is able to create precision-fit integrated straps. Subsequent to measuring the watch case, he maps out a CAD drawing and prints a "end link" in filament using the 3D printer. Additional refinement is done by hand with a chisel, and the end bit is integrated into the final leather strap to ensure a fitted appearance.

An integrated strap made possible through 3D printing technology for the Gorilla Fastback Original.

Aside from these, Khairul spends his time primarily on the critical fundamental aspects of the craft: those of ensuring the right leather choices, skiving, cut and stitching are made for each strap ordered at Watch Wonderland. Like a good set of belt and shoes to a well-tailored jacket, straps are critical to the look of a watch. 

A hand-crafted strap, along with the tools of the trade.


After nearly a year of developing the concept, we are now able to offer the following at Watch Wonderland:

- Leathers: Vegetable-tanned Italian Calf, Horween Chromexcel, Alligator, Stingray, Lizard, Python and Ostrich
- Made-to-order straps starting at SGD100
- Integrated straps starting at SGD190
- All formats of leather straps including 2-piece, bund, NATO and Zulu

For more photos of Khairul's creations, head over to our Facebook Album to take a look:

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